• Is there a cake and corkage fee?

    We allow guests to bring up to two bottles of wine with a $35 corkage fee per bottle. However, if the bottle is on our menu, then the fee will be equal to the price of the bottle in our menu. We allow guests to bring their own cake/cupcakes for a $4/slice cutting and plating fee.

  • Where can we park when we visit?

    We work with our partner valet service to offer valet parking on Friday/Saturday after 7pm. Additionally, there is a public parking available for 24hrs on 1401 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC located in the Hecht Warehouse. Street parking is also available on Okie St NE.

  • What is the reservation and refund policy?

    Upon your full party’s arrival, our host will fully refund your deposit. We will only keep the deposit in case guests fail to communicate a cancellation or cancel less than 12 hours prior to the reservation. We will also work with you to reschedule your reservations in case of emergencies. Please email moc.cdarev%40snoitavreser for more information on a case-by-case basis.

  • What is the late arrival policy?

    We hold tables for 15 minutes before we release it. In case of tardiness, guests will be seated based on availability.

  • How can I book a reservation for parties of 9+ ?

    Partied of nine and more are handled by our private events team and are subject to a family-style menu. Please email moc.cdarev%40snoitavreser for more information.

  • What is our table’s time limit?

    We impose a 90-minute time limit on all reservations for parties of 1-2, and a 120-minute time limit for parties of 3 or more. These time frames start at the time of your reservation.

  • Do you offer halal or vegan dishes? What about other dietary restrictions?

    Our chicken and lamb dishes are halal and all of our vegetarian dishes can be made vegan upon request. We can accommodate any food allergies and dietary restrictions. Our servers will always ask for allergies upon arrival. However for any strict dietary restrictions, we encourage you to inform us ahead of time to ensure a smooth enjoyable experience.

  • At what time does Vera transition into late night club vibes?

    Every Friday and Saturday night at 11:30pm, we close out dinner service, dim the lights, turn up the music, and dance the night away with our curated lineup of music artists.

  • How do I make late night reservations to enjoy the club vibes on weekends?

    For late night reservations, please contact us at moc.cdarev%40snoitavreser and we will assist you with your booking.

  • Is a late-night coat check available?

    We unfortunately do not provide late-night coat check. 

  • What steps should I take if I've misplaced an item?

    Please contact .moc.cdarev%40ofni Please note that we are not responsible for any personal belongings lost or left behind.

  • Do you offer Gift Cards?

    Yes! You can purchase Gift Cards here, feel free to contact us at moc.cdarev%40ofni with any questions.